About Me

20-something dreamer. lover of sunshine and park dates. music and photography make me immensely happy. 

I graduated from uni in May 2010 with a Bachelor of Journalism, emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Business. But, I seem to have followed my father's footsteps unintentionally and landed myself a job in the insurance industry. 

I'm a social media addict - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram (ESPECIALLY Instagram) ... I love them all! I also love Diet Pepsi, sunsets on the deck, cool breezes, the smell of freshly cut grass, wooden chimes, apple pie, Dice with Buddies, and How I Met Your Mother. Yep, those are the most important loves in my life. Family and friends too, of course :)

I hope you enjoy following my journey through my blog. I love making new friends so don't be afraid to comment or shoot me an email.

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